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About Me

No time?  Here's my CV.

After discovering a love of editing during my A-Level media course in 1989 (I edited a music video to Prince's "Batdance" using clips from a VHS copy of the original Batman movie and a mini CD single that I had to superglue to another CD because I didn't have an adapter). I found myself humping portable (ha!) U-Matic recorders behind cameramen at weddings, before learning that I was more of a "sitting down" kinda guy, so I've edited (in loosely reverse chronological order):

  • Internationally award winning natural history documentaries

  • Corporate online/social media campaigns for heritage organisations, SMEs, and international companies

  • Online infographics

  • Advertising campaign versions for domestic and global TV commercial markets

  • Behind The Scenes interviews, previews, teasers, promos and live streams for ITV

  • A range of national and international broadcast fact/ent TV shows (The BRITs Are Coming, Supernanny, Meerkat Manor)

  • A similarly large range of music and concert DVD (The Who, Led Zeppelin, Slipknot, Il Divo...)

  • VT inserts for The Big Breakfast on 2 machine Digi Beta

  • Corporate videos - mostly computer games promos - on 3 machine SP in a Swindon basement 

  • Wedding videos in a 2/3 machine U-Matic SP suite

Samples of most of this is on the Portfolio page.

I've never been a runner, tape op or junior editor, largely teaching myself with the aid of enormous Sony RM-440, GVG 200, Avid & Discreet Logic instruction manuals.  I've never stopped enjoying new challenges & experiences, learning new things, and have conversely derived a great deal of pleasure from teaching others, enjoying seeing that "eureka" moment in someone when they finally get it!

I consider myself a technical editor.  I'm not happy merely remembering the sequence of buttons to push to get from A to B, I want to know exactly why I'm doing it.  I want to know how my edit machine is built & how it talks to the rest of the suite, so I can fix problems without relying on distant tech support.  This inquisitiveness extends to my storytelling aspect of editing.  I enjoy the jigsaw puzzle of taking rushes and putting them together in any of an infinite number of different configurations to try and get the story told as effectively as possible.

I have experience managing a team of machine room operators, and working with large editorial & production teams.

On a personal level, I regularly test my new neighbours’ patience with both my drone, my drum kit, and my electric guitar, (not all at once), one of which I fully expect to make me rich and famous any day now. I actually watch very little (terrestrial) television, eat an insufficient quantity of green vegetables (I *am* an editor, after all...) but do cycle a bit.

I probably play more computer games than someone my age should admit but, apparently, that’s cool now.

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